Frictionless Zaps

Frictionless Zaps

With Nostr Wallet Connect, users can seamlessly link their Wavlake wallet to any NWC app or the Wavlake mobile app to any NWC wallet.

Traditionally, making payments over Lightning has consisted of multiple steps you may be familiar with: fetching your phone, opening your lightning wallet, scanning a QR code or pasting an invoice into the wallet... It's quite the process to make a simple payment.

Enter Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC). With NWC, we can handle many of these manual steps automatically and securely behind the scenes. Instead of manually scanning a QR code or copying an invoice to your clipboard, the payment information is processed over Nostr using events. Once a wallet has been connected to an app like Wavlake, a user can simply tap 'pay' and that's it! Its a lot like a remote control for your wallet: the app sends encrypted DMs to the wallet and directs it to make payments.

We've integrated NWC into Wavlake, enabling users to enjoy a more seamless experience within our mobile app. Gone are the days of exiting the app to open up your wallet and make a payment.

To get started using this, login to and navigate to the settings screen. Select 'Add Connection'.

Provide a name for this wallet connection (e.g., "Wavlake Mobile"), set a budget and maximum amount, and click 'Create Connection'. This will generate a unique QR code the contains the private information needed to connect the mobile app to your wallet. This information will only be shared once. You should never share it with someone you don't trust because they will have access to your wallet!

Next, open up the mobile app and go to the settings tab. Next to NWC, tap the plus icon. This will activate your mobile device's camera so you can scan the NWC connection QR code that you created earlier on

If you created the connection on the same device, you can also copy the pairing secret from and paste it into the scanning screen. Congratulations, you've successfully connected your Wavlake mobile app to your wallet! You can now go zap tracks! Pro-tip: try out the 'One tap zaps' feature in settings to make zapping even more effortless.

One of the best parts about NWC is that it's an open standard. As an end user, you now have the option to choose which wallet you use with the Wavlake app. You can even be fully self sovereign and run your own lightning wallet that supports NWC.

"What happens if I lose my phone?", you may ask. Unfortunately, if someone has your phone, and is able to open up the Wavlake app, they could go on a zap frenzy and drain your remote wallet. If this were to happen, you should promptly delete the connection you made between your wallet and the mobile app. It's always a good idea to use secure device with a pin code or Face ID to mitigate unauthorized use.

Here are some additional wallets that support NWC, give them a try with the Wavlake mobile app!

Alby Account Breez SDK Mutiny Umbrel Start9 Strike