Tracks on Wax

Calling all artists, submit your original song for a chance to be on The Bitcoin Record.

Tracks on Wax

This unique competition, brought to you by the Bitcoin Conference and Wavlake, offers artists the opportunity to submit their music to an official playlist, not only to promote and earn sats, but also to have a chance to be featured on a vinyl record. This contest highlights the convergence of technology, music, and art, celebrating creativity in the new era for music streaming and distribution.

The Bitcoin Record will be hand pressed in Nashville, Tennessee and available for pickup at the Bitcoin Conference in July.

Five judges will choose the final tracks to be pressed on vinyl. 21 finalists will receive a physical edition of the record, plus a B24 Festival Pass. The creator of the top track, known as the "Title Track", will receive 10 vinyl copies, a B24 Industry Pass, and a $500 gift card for merch printing through Lightning Store.

Here's how it works.

1. Upload your song to Wavlake

2. Submit your Wavlake song link

3. Share to your audience on Nostr, and other social media outlets, encouraging zaps to rise in ranking. Be sure to tag Wavlake and The Bitcoin Conference.

Please allow 24 hrs for your song to be processed and added to official Bitcoin 2024 playlist.

Songs featured on the vinyl will be curated by a panel of judges and winners will be notified no later than May 7, 2024.  

Submissions close March 31st. Zaps tallied April 30th.